Network Modernization Framework

Asperitas Consulting Network Modernization Framework

In order to keep pace with the speed of innovation required by today’s businesses, Asperitas Consulting has developed a  framework to enable the modern distributed network.

The framework focuses on five key areas: Architecture, Automation, Testing, Security and Governance.

By prioritizing flexibility & decentralization over rigidity & centralization, the Network Modernization Framework provides a path to a network with the lowest latency, lowest cost, quickest provisioning and highest availability. 

“Asperitas helped us reduce latency to cloud services, cut costs by 50%, and increase bandwidth – the trifecta of any good network project.” 

Director, Global Products & Network, Global Mission-Critical Communications Company

Network Digital Twin

Application development teams have become accustomed to the ability to build and test in cloud environments with speed, accuracy, and low risk. We have found that enterprise network teams are not doing the same with their on-premises network environments. We work with customers to create a fully managed mirrored replica of their on-prem network.  Network Digital Twin includes replicas of all production network hardware and software with a simulation that allows the digital twin to scale to virtually any use.

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