Network Modernization Framework

legacy network architectures impede cloud adoption

In today’s changing technology landscape organizations are more than expecting their network to match the speed of innovation of the rest of the business.

Asperitas Consulting has developed a framework to assist in deploying modern network architectures inclusive of the process changes required to unlock the networks potential   The framework takes a data-driven approach to assessing the key elements of a network modernization effort.  Our team  works closely with the customer to design and execute on a plan to modernize across all elements.

“Asperitas helped us reduce latency to cloud services, cut costs by 50%, and increase bandwidth – the trifecta of any good network project.” 

Director, Global Products & Network, Global Mission-Critical Communications Company

Asperitas Consulting Network Modernization Framework

Network Modernization Framework

Our framework assists in design, planning, and execution across all areas of an effective modernization strategy.