Global Wealth Management Network Digital Twin


Global leader asset servicing & investment management


This global institution worked with Asperitas to replicate its on-premises network to simulate, test, and deploy multiple enhancements to their entire global network.  This project was focused on leveraging a Network Digital Twin for replicating, simulating, testing, automating, and deploying a global cloud-based VPN for better overall user experience around the world for 20,000+ users.


During the project the teams looked at the overall implementation of the Network Digital Twin with several keys to ensuring a successful overall deployment of the cloud-based VPN service.  The Digital Twin replicated the entire global network including data centers, WAN, SD-WAN and remote locations. The Network Digital Twin was tasked with simulating; network routing, network advertisements, regional IPSec connectivity, regional network failures, etc.


The customer’s hosted deployment of Network Digital Twin resulted in improved speed to market and lowered business risk.  Using automation and proprietary software the customer was able to see acceleration in their development process.  The change performed inside of this project took 3 months instead of the 2 years that the customer had originally planned without the use of the Network Digital Twin.  Additionally, they were able to reduce production deployment errors by identifying them in the Network Digital Twin before deploying them in production. The customer has had zero production deployment errors for all automated deployments.