Application Modernization

Application Modernization Framework


Applications often need to be remediated when migrating from on-premises to the cloud in order to take advantage of the cloud’s unique capabilities.

Asperitas has developed the Application Modernization Framework to reduce the risk and time associated with application modernization while providing a structure for ongoing application improvement.


Preparing Custom Applications for the Cloud

Custom applications can be hosted in the cloud. That said, custom applications need to be cloud native in order to make the move to the cloud easier and take advantage of cloud scalability and availability features. Asperitas Consulting can examine your custom applications and tell you what ideally should be changed to facilitate cloud hosting. Where your applications can’t be cloud native, we can provide mitigation strategies and options for your application transformation needs. 

Migrating Purchased Applications to Cloud

Asperitas Consulting has helped multiple enterprise clients migrate thousands of purchased applications and databases to the cloud. Often, migration of these applications can be accomplished utilizing a migration factory concept along with leading processes and tools, such as AWS SMS, AWS VM Import/Export, Zerto, Cloud Endure, Azure Site Recovery (ASR) and AWS & Azure Database Migration Services. We can also guide you through common migration issues such researching vendor-specific licensing differences on the cloud and guiding you through gathering vendor-specific information needed for the migration.

Continuous Integration (CI) / Continuous Delivery (CD) in the Cloud

Asperitas Consulting has deep expertise designing and establishing code delivery pipelines with many different technologies. We can help you jump start and standardize Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) in the cloud. CI/CD provides benefit by revealing coding errors sooner and making new features available to the business more quickly. We can guide you through implementing Blue/Green (or Canary) deployments to further reduce risk.