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A Leading Global Education Provider


As part of their cloud-first strategy, one of the world’s largest private education organizations turned to Asperitas Consulting to implement a secure, fully automated, monitored, managed, multi-account, multi-region, hybrid public cloud environment and migrate over 200 applications to the cloud. A rearchitected WAN was also required to optimize the hybrid cloud architecture and support the migration of these applications.


Asperitas Consulting created a multi-account, secured, compliant, automated, and production-ready cloud environment. The WAN was re-architected to allow secure private and public cloud connections that would also facilitate the migration of over 1,000 VMs and over 120 databases of different varieties and types. 

The 200 applications were reviewed for their cloud readiness and a plan was created for the migration of all applications. All applications were migrated to the public cloud along with their associated databases and full regression tests were performed to validate their functionality and performance. 


The cloud environment was delivered in three months and consisted of a secure, fully automated, monitored, managed, multi-account, multi-region, hybrid environment. The re-architected WAN reduced costs and increased performance by removing the load for all cloud traffic from the organization’s internet connection which provided the bandwidth required for the migration of the applications. 

A migration factory was created and an initial set of over 100 applications were migrated in less than four months. During this period, the organization’s staff was trained on how to utilize the migration factory for the remaining applications, and they completed the migration of the remaining applications over the next twelve months.