Cloud Optimization

Cloud optimization requires discipline and the right framework.

Optimization in the cloud is possible given your organization has the right approach backed by a focus on the overall business benefits.  Far too often enterprises adopting public cloud technologies rely on expensive tools that create dashboards pointing out generic cost shaving opportunities.  

There is a better way.  In order to ensure that all phases of FinOps are accounted for we take a consultative approach.  Focusing on how you inform your decisions to then take action to optimize on them needs to be followed by continuous improvement and governance.  



Make sense of the information you have to create the right visibility.  Given an accurate view your organization can make specific decisions as well as create the right level of accountability.  Often there are opportunities to rethink the architecture that have longer term benefits including but not limited to cost savings.  


Cloud providers offer many levers that enable customers to optimize cost and performance.  Understanding what levers to pull first, which ones have larger risk, and then executing on these levers often requires experience and demand action be taken in a timely manner.


There is more to do.   Continuous optimization efforts are necessary in the fast-paced cloud world.  Additionally, it becomes important that you have a proven way to measure the actions you have taken and track your success.