Leading Mail-Order and Electronic Retailer

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A Leading Mail-Order and Electronic Retailer


The customer wanted to continue to build upon a tradition of delivering the best customer experience. To achieve that goal, it needed to better leverage its masses of customer data and gain real-time business intelligence via big data analytics.


The Asperitas Consulting Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) was used to design a WAN that would provide low-latency, high bandwidth connectivity to the public cloud providers. DNA also provided the foundation for a new telecom strategy to reduce cost and increase QoS. Lastly, the DNA topology provided the network fabric to consume cloud services and facilitate the transfer of data between the cloud and on-premises systems with the highest bandwidth, lowest latency, and lowest cost.


Reduced voice/data annual costs by more than 50% and gained 81% IRR by transforming to a more efficient and cost-effective interconnected hybrid IT platform.

Increased voice/data throughput from 200 MB/s to 10 Gb/s.

Increased and optimized data warehousing, back office and analytics capabilities and QoS by accessing proximate data, networking and cloud ecosystems.

Deliver greater productivity for DevOps and increase QoS to end users via faster data processing at scale, compared to its traditional on-premises IT infrastructure and MPLS network.