Global Energy Company Migration

gas pumps


Global Energy company with personnel worldwide


Assess large Windows Server 2016 based applications for as-is stay and migrate all to either AWS or Azure while upgrading to Windows Server 2016 and updating the Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle database to a current version where necessary.


Work included both Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom-made applications from three different segments of the company.

The work was performed semi-independent of the existing application support team to minimize the impact on current support while migrating the applications at pace and handing over the applications for day-to-day support after cutting over from the on-premises version to the cloud. Worked with the corresponding Cloud Infrastructure teams to improve the availability and process of cloud components while meeting the deadline.


Successfully migrated all applications except those retired during the process. Exceeded time and budget allocations while making significant design changes to the undelaying cloud infrastructure. The project also included implementing common metric alerts on all Virtual Machines.