Global Energy Company Application Migration

petroleum rig


Global Energy company with personnel worldwide


Assess bulk applications are sitting in one of four data centers and migrate all from a single data center to the appropriate cloud platform while upgrading the applications to the current OS and database version of the asset. Work to document and execute a process that other migration teams could follow and expedite subsequent application migrations.


Work included both Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom-made applications from three different segments of the company. Work independently of the current application support team to migrate the applications and hand over for support after bringing the app to live on the appropriate cloud platform. Work with the corresponding Cloud Infrastructure teams to improve the availability and process of cloud components while meeting the deadline. Accomplished creation of standard best practices for migration teams in both AWS and Azure while facilitating change and improvement of the cloud offering within the client.


Successfully migrated all applications within schedule except those retired during the process. Due to the improvements achieved in process and knowledge, the on-going work is expected to meet or exceed budget and scope expectations. Also worked with client and cloud vendors to develop initial CI/CD Pipeline practices and therefore putting the application support teams in a more efficient work stream and achieve higher quality future application support.