Global Communications Distributed Cloud Architecture


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Our customer engaged with us to assess their current network and cloud connectivity portfolio to digitally enable the organization. The customer needed to rearchitect their global WAN to achieve the agility necessary to compete in their industry. The intended result was the design and deployment of a next generation Distributed Network Architecture (DNA) 


This project in partnership with the customer consisted of 4 key work streams. The first work stream focused on understanding the current cloud connectivity and network architecture to align on a core design for DNA and estimate the return on investment for the project in total. The second and third work stream then delivered the core implementation and network redesign. This included key milestones that laid down the infrastructure, ensured the procurement of network services were optimized, and worked closely with the customer to operationalize the deployment. The last work stream then was working with the customer to provide the right level of knowledge transfer and support that enabled the organization to operate and continually optimize their next generation DNA. 


As the DNA was deployed the customer not only established critical cloud connectivity, it also was able to set the foundation for future service delivery. Additionally, the customer was able to reduce latency by 70%, increase bandwidth by over 700%, and decrease the overall costs of their global network by 50%. 

Asperitas helped us reduce latency to cloud services, cut costs by 50%, and increase bandwidth – the trifecta of any good network project.” 

          – Director, Product Enablement & Networks