Fintech Application Modernization


Global Fintech SaaS Provider


This global institution turned to Asperitas Consulting to migrate and modernize a legacy financial application to AWS. The application was to be hosted in EKS/Kubernetes and RDS PostgreSQL in two regions. The application implementation was to implement disaster recovery in two regions and satisfy a 5-minute Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and 4-hour Recovery Time Objective (RTO). The application was written to support one tenant and over 4,000 tenants existed. 


Asperitas Consulting created all needed Terraform infrastructure code including AWS EKS/Kubernetes cluster creation and configuration. Additionally, we established Jenkins CI/CD software infrastructure for deployments for all infrastructure code and application deployments. 

Asperitas Consulting containerized all five services needed to service one tenant along with all needed application deployment pipelines that handled build, containerization, and deployment on Kubernetes. Versioning of the application was required to be tenant specific: Tenants migrated to new versions on different dates and times.    

Asperitas Consulting created migration code to convert tenant databases from on premises to RDS. Data migration was automated and able to manage migrations on a tenant-by-tenant basis. 

Asperitas Consulting was charged with up-skilling customer staff with Terraform, AWS cloud, and Kubernetes skillsets. 


Application containerization and testing EKS deployments were delivered for testing teams.  Asperitas Consulting up-skilled customer staff so that they could handle application deployments and infrastructure modifications. 

Automation was delivered to provide disaster recovery (D/R) failover capabilities that meet RPO and RTO objectives. Customer staff was up-skilled to be able to execute and test D/R workstreams. 

Automation to migrate customer data from on premises to AWS was provided. Customer staff was up-skilled so that they could handle customer migrations with 2nd level support.