Cloud Migration for Large Healthcare Organization

healthcare workers


A large healthcare organization


Healthcare organization communications platform was on aging infrastructure and needed to modernize their communications and collaboration environment. After careful consideration, it was determined that the best course of action was to migrate to the public cloud.

The customer had five distinct platforms, and the project involved consolidating all 45000+ users into a single platform for easier access, security, and adherence to compliance regulations.


Migration of 45000+ users and productivity applications to a single platform, a custom migration tool was written due to the client’s needs and source platform complexities. A revamp of the corporate-wide identity management was also implemented as part of the project.


Successfully designed and executed the cloud migration. The customer was able to save over $1M annually by moving to the cloud and allowed the IT department to focus on the big picture business challenges. Additionally, the organization was able to adhere to strict compliance regulations for all productivity applications in the cloud.